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add syndication microformat with 11ty

add the microformats u-syndication property to your list of articles using 11ty and nunjucks

If you publish an article in more than place — for example on your website and on a community blog ‐ you may want to inform readers and search engines about the other copy. One way to do that is by adding a rel=syndication link element in the article's head. Another is with the u-syndication property from the microformats h-entry vocabulary.

Building off of "add syndication links with 11ty", this article shows how you can add syndication anchor links to pages and article/post lists using 11ty and nunjucks.

add syndication links with 11ty

Suppose you publish an article in more than place — for example on medium and on your own website. If you want to alert readers about the other copy, you can do so with a rel=syndication link element. Here's how you can add syndication links to your pages using 11ty and nunjucks.

microformats include pattern idea

This article was first published on my GitHub microformats project site in .

The current microformats include pattern offers two methods — using <object> or <a> — to include in a microformat element parts of a document that are outside of that microformats element's DOM tree. Both patterns have problems, and have not been widely adopted. Also, the include pattern has not been updated for microformats 2.