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Breakfast Recipes by Henri l'Oie
Henri l'Oie

Seattle, WA U.S.

sourdough rye pancakes

Rye flour gives the pancakes a slightly spicey flavor and and is excellent as a sourdough ingredient. Serve with butter.

Takes about , including 5 minutes the evening before to prepare the batter.

  1. The night before, mix sourdough starter, flour, and water to form a batter. The batter should be pourable yet thick enough to hold bubbles.
  2. Heat a griddle over medium-high heat.
  3. In the morning, reserve ⅛ cup of sourdough and refridgerate for later use.
  4. Separate the egg. Add the yolk to the batter and stir in.
  5. Beat egg white until stiff and fold into batter. Do not overstir.
  6. With a large spoon, spoon batter onto hot griddle and cook until golden brown, then flip the cake. When it is golen brown on other side, remove from griddle.

Makes 6 pancakes about 5-6 inches each.

fermented oat porridge

Traditional porridge made with oats that have been fermented overnight, producing a slightly sour flavor.

Takes .

  1. Cover oats with filtered water. Let it ferment at room temperature overnight.
  2. Carefully pour off fermenting water. Add fermented oats and 1 cup of fresh water to small sauce pan. Cook over medium heat until it reaches desired consistency.

Fermentation is simple — just soak them overnight in pure (non-chlorinated) water. Soaking makes the resulting porridge more nutricious, and also significantly reduces cooking time — crucial for hectic mornings. You can ferment the oats for longer for a more sour flavor.

Makes one 1-cup serving.