microformats logo in svg format

standard green logo
alternate orange logo

I first published the .svg versions of these logos in via GitHub.

where did these logos come from?

The logo was designed by Dan Cederholm. I found the green, bitmap version on the microformats wiki last year. At the time, I was contributing to SuperTinyIcons, a repository for small svg vector logos and graphics. It looked doable, and a good way to spread microformats, so I recreated it in .svg format. I also found an orange version of the logo on the microformats home page and I recreated that one, too. They were merged into SuperTinyIcons on .

Now, SuperTinyIcons is available under the MIT license. So when I posted a note about my work in the microformats irc channel, I was asked if I'd consider making my versions pubic domain, which the microformats community prefers. I'll confess to not being really clear about how such matters work, despite having taking a class in intellectual property at the University of Massachusetts. So I decided the easiest thing was to create a new GitHub repo for microformats work under my account, assign it a Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal license, and republish the logos there. It has since been forked by another member of the microformats community.

fourth time

At the time that I write this, users cannot upload images to the microformats wiki, which is the logical canonical home for these logos. Hopefully they'll make it onto that site some day soon. In the meantime, I'm putting them here as another place — the fourth at least! — to get them.