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a simple javascript/jquery file to help web authors hide email addresses from spam harvesters

create-mailto on GitHub

create-mailto description and demo page

Triple Seat Reservation Replacement Script/Form

a javascript file to replace Triple Seat's, providing a better ux and a nicer presentation

Triple Seat Replacement Script on GitHub

Triple Seat Script description and demo pages


Olympus Manor Coop
a site for a housing coop using Drupal 8 (requires password for all but the home page)
T.S. McHugh's Irish Pub
a site for a restaurant consisting of mostly static content with a few dynamic sections pulled from a mysql database, using a standard LAMP stack
Julie Tremblay Fine Art Photography
a hand-rolled cms written in php, using a standard LAMP stack
Hostess Helper Party Planning Service
Bon Fête Party Planning Service
static websites for two small businesses